Sisal Soap Bag

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This versatile little pouch can be used to house your soap, allowing a lovely lather for washing, with additional exfoliation from the sisal fibres.  Alternatively pop your soap ends inside to help you make the most of every last piece!


  • Made from sisal, a natural fibre that comes from the agave plant. Strong, durable and 100% biodegradable.
  • Fabulous natural exfoliator
  • Helps produce a generous lather
  • Perfect for using up all those small scraps at the end of the bar


Soap care is serious business! If you look after your soap it will last longer. And if you can find a way to use up those slippery little ends before they escape down the drain, then all the better too. These are a great accompaniment to our range of palm oil free, plastic free soaps