Shade All-Natural Sunscreen (SPF25)

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Shade All-Natural Sunscreen (SPF 25)

Plastic-free Shade is a natural sunscreen, which is free from chemicals that harm reefs or sea life, made in the UK and tested to EU standards (but not tested on animals).

The What?

This plastic free pot of no nasties SPF 25 all-natural sunscreen is available in two sizes. The standard 100ml pots or the extremely handy 15ml pocket sized pots are the perfect travel companions for topping up on sun protection while you are enjoying the summer sun.

Shade is 72% organic (zinc oxide can’t be organic) all-natural sunscreen SPF25 using just four ingredients in a metal, zero plastic container.

36% Shea Butter -  36% Coconut Oil - 10% Beeswax - 18% zinc oxide

ShadeTM are proud to guarantee that it is 100%:

  • Non toxic - non-nano
  • 100% natural
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Effective - tested to EU standards
  • Not tested on animals

Shade does not contain any of these: 

ParabensAlcoholMethylchlorolsothiazolinone, MethylisothiazolinoneRetinyl palmitrateOxybenzonePhthalatesArtificial perfumes, PetrochemicalsColourants

The Why?

We looked at many different plastic-free sunscreens, but selected Shade because it worked well, honestly described, made in the UK, tested to EU standards and has a simple and natural list of ingredients.  That ingredients also means it is reef safe, which means it doesn’t contain chemicals thought to accelerate coral bleaching and which Hawaii has banned for that exact reason. This was very much in line with our thinking on things, after all we are primarily about the reduction of single-use plastics, but if we can do something extra that enhances the marine environment, we are all over it!  See here for information on the Hawaii sunscreen ban:

Directions for Use

How should you apply it?

When Shade gets cold it can have a bobbly surface, which is the zinc oxide clumping, don’t wory it just needs a vigorous rub with warm fingertips, which will soften it for application. It is recommended to apply generously (see below for guidelines) at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. As with all sun products, it is important to every two to three hours and after swimming or sweating heavily.

What constitutes 'Apply Generously'?

Applying generously means using about a teaspoon to cover your face or approximately a shotglass worth for full covering your body on the beach. If you don’t put enough on, then you square root the SPF value of Shade. So SPF 25 becomes SPF 5. This happens with all suncreens, but is not often communicated!

Shade are very up front about what all-natural sunscreen can and cannot do, see here for an unusually honest approach: