Organic Cotton Produce Bag

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Organic Cotton Produce Bag

An organic cotton produce bag for carrying fruit and vegetables back from the supermarket, greengrocer, farmer’s market or fruit and veg stall. Available in medium or large sizes and these bags can be used for a variety of tasks beyond transporting fruit and vegetable to your home.

The What?

A large produce bag made out of 100% organic cotton for carrying fruit and veg, to be honest we can’t really say a lot more about this.

Medium size shopping bag 26cm (w) x 31cm (h)

Large size shopping bag 31cm (w) x 38cm (h)

The Why?

Fruit and vegetable bags are often plastic in supermarkets and even where companies have caught up with the plastic-free revolution, a disposable paper bag is still not a great use of resources. So we sought out a reusable bag that can be washed, folds up small and can be used over and over again to avoid cutting down any trees or using any recycled paper unnecessarily. We have found during testing that the cotton of the bag is actually rather better for protecting goods as well, rather than a thin paper or plastic bag, which helps reduce food waste.