Organic Cotton Facial Pads

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A pack of 5 organic cotton reusable facial pads.  These are two-sided (towelling and velvety) for ultimate versatility and designed to be used again and again with no plastic in sight. A great swap for reducing plastic


Wipe off the grime of the day with these organic cotton facial pads. 

One side is organic cotton toweling, perfect for thorough cleaning and skin exfoliating.  The other side is more velvety organic cotton and ideal for the delicate eye area and every day use.

Pack of 5 - 9.5cm

Machine washable


Make up remover wipes can be full of hidden, or very obvious plastic.  Even cotton wool style pads usually come in a single use plastic bag.  These pads are designed to be used over and over again, made from natural organic materials and wrapped only in a recyclable or compostable paper wrapper, you'll be saving a whole lot of plastic by making this swap.