Non Plastic Beach Insulated Water Bottle (600 ml)

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Non Plastic Beach Insulated Water Bottle (600ml)

A 600 ml (20 oz) Non Plastic Beach Insulated Water Bottle in white with a bamboo and steel lid, incorporating a carry handle. The double wall stainless steel construction keeps hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks for a whole 24 hours. 

  • Keeps 600 ml (60cl or 20 oz) of liquid hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours
  • Stainless steel & Bamboo construction with single, tiny piece of BPA free silicone to seal
  • Convenient carry handle integrated into lid
  • Wide neck for adding ice and easy cleaning

These bottles can also have logos, words or messages added to them with our co-branding service (see section below).

  • BPA Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free


The What?

We have been working on a reusable water bottle of our very own for some time now because we wanted one that was big enough to be useful, but not too big to fit into our lives and of course, yours. 

A double walled, stainless steel water bottle that keeps drinks hot or keeps them cold and comes in a stylish matte white, with our Non Plastic Beach logo in our signature blue. This 600 ml (0.6 litre) bottle fits nicely into car cup holders, rucksack side pockets or even bike bottle holders for long hot or cold cycle rides. It can stay cool on the beach while you swim, surf or dive or warm on the mountain while you board, ski, hike or cycle.

The insulated reusable drinks bottle is constructed from food grade stainless steel meaning it is also easy to clean on the move with boiling water (try that with most plastic bottles and see what happens) allowing sterilisation even in basic conditions. With stainless steel construction it is not prone to internal scratches, unlike plastic bottles which can harbour food debris and therefore bacteria.

Periodic scrubbing is a good idea and the wide neck is designed to easily accomodate a bottle brush (see the EcoCoconut coconut coir brush here). The wide neck also makes putting ice cubes into bottle easier, to make sure that first drink on your cycle, hike, run, surf or commute is refreshingly ice cold. 


These bottles can have a logo, brand or message added to the opposite side of the bottle from the Non Plastic Beach logo with laser etching. So if you or your company wants branded bottles, please get in touch for ways we can help make your event, initiative, sustainability drive or show more credible and long lasting with a high-quality branded bottle. 

The Why?

We love our existing bottles, but wanted something a little bigger, a little easier to get ice into and with a handle for convenient carrying. We also wanted to have even less plastic, so now only the tiny BPA free silicone ring is not stainless steel or bamboo. 

We have tested these in our hectic life, filled with play dates, walks, bike rides, music festivals, Peppa Pig World, long drives to Scotland, short drives to nursery and many other mundane or magnificent activities. 

Plastic drinks bottles are a gigantic problem and one of the most common forms of pollution in rivers and oceans. Some bottles say they are"completely recyclable", but most bottles are only downcycled into lower quality products or mixed with virgin plastic to improve the image of a soft drinks giant. Notice that the majority of bottles with recycled plastic are only 30-50% recycled material, with the rest being virgin plastic. 

We go through 13 billion plastic bottles a year in the UK and with many bottles that go into recycling schemes being diverted to incineration or being disposed of abroad due to contamination or insufficient recycling capacity. The only way to be certain what happens to the single use plastic bottle when you place it in rubbish or recycling, is not to use one at all. 

Our Non Plastic Beach bottle means you can have your drink of choice, made your way at the temperature you want and as needing a hot or cold drink on the move is one of the main reasons that disposable plastic gets used, this is a win for us!