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The Kon-Teaky Soap Deck, is made from beautiful recycled teak wood and is designed to accommodate up to two bars of shampoo, conditioner or soap. Teak wood is highly sort after for its beautiful dark grain, hardness and durability.

Due to its desirability, it has become rare and expensive, but these soap decks are made from wood sourced from Oxford Wood Recycling, giving new life to wood removed from an old building. 

  • Made from Teak, beautiful, strong and one of the most durable woods in existence
  • Designed to take two bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving soap and help them last longer by keeping them out of pools of water
  • Sourced from Oxford Wood Recycling to give old wood a second life
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Non Plastic Beach by a craftsman in the co-founders village


The Kon-Teaky  as the name suggests is a larger than usual soap saver or soap deck that can take up to two of your favourite bars, avoiding a mass of dishes in your bath or shower.

This deck was created to solve the issue of multiple bars now being commonplace in bathrooms everywhere. We found that we had numerous bars in our shower and that it would look rather better if we didn't have dozens of soap dishes. The channels in the top help water to drain away, while the teak wood is aesthetically pleasing, durable and rot resistant, vital for something that is used in the shower.

Teak is a class 1 durable wood, the highest category there is, meaning it is rated for outdoor use for over 25 years!

Care instructions: Although Teak is a highly durable wood, but its longevity can be further enhanced by regularly cleaning out the channels and not allowing it to sit in puddles of water for long periods. Oiling the dish will help it to repel water. 



The Teak we used came from Oxford Wood Recycling, which is an award winning social enterprise is based in Abingdon, not far from Non Plastic Beach HQ. Established in 2005 OWR was founded to address sustainability issues around wood waste management in the UK, whilst providing employment opportunities for people facing disadvantages, such as disability, to entering the workplace. 

OWR is one of co-founder Gareth's favourite places to visit and several projects in our home and a very large portion of the wood for the Non Plastic Beach HQ building was sourced from there. 

For more information on Oxford Wood Recycling visit HERE


So we know exactly where the wood came from and we also know where it was crafted into the soap dish you see. Local craftsmen Keith was engaged to make this exclusive design for Non Plastic Beach and he took the benches, planed them down to unblemished wood, cut the drainage channels and sanded them to a beautiful finish. Keith, a master joiner with almost 40 years of experience, lives in the same village as co-founders Gareth and Nicola, radically cutting transport emissions.

The Non Plastic Beach logo was laser etched onto the dishes by a local specialist who does all of our bottle co-branding, again avoiding a long chain of transport to get these pieces made.