Buddy's Rainforest Rescue - Children's Book

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Buddy's Rainforest Rescue sends you on a lively treetop rainforest adventure amongst the trees, vines, colourful birds and insects Buddy the orangutan calls home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for when he battles the noisy yellow creatures destroying his home.

Signed by the author, Ellie Jackson


Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue is the engaging story of the relationship between the actions of humans and wildlife and the dangers they face in their own natural habitats.

Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue is perfect as a bedtime story or to share with your school or preschool. It is an engaging story based on the true tale of an orangutan and the problems of palm oil destruction in rainforests. 

  • Learn how deforestation is affecting our animals and birds 
  • Help children to understand the link between palm oil and wildlife 
  • Explains what deforestation is and how we can all help
  • Perfect for a bedtime story and to share with your school 
  • Great for parents, grandparents, preschool and primary school

    THE WHY 

    This book teaches children about more than the dangers. It also helps them understand the importance of looking after our environment, and how they can help all in a fun and friendly way, with ideas and activities which reinforce the story's message that this is a planet for all and that animals have feelings too.