BeeBee Vegan Food Wraps - Mixed Pack

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Three vegan, organic cotton food wraps in three different size wraps to cover a range of different foods, in and out of the fridge. 


British made BeeBee Wraps are made from GOTS certified organic cotton which is dyed with GOTS certified organic dyes. The fabric is then infused with a food grade plant waxes and natural tree resin. 

Using warm hands, the wraps can be shaped around food in place of clingfilm. They can be washed in cold, soapy water, reused for a year, and as a natural product they can be returned to earth at the end of their life.

The variety pack contains 3 wraps - 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large.

Small: 18cm x 18cm.
Medium: 26cm x 26cm.
Large: 33cm x 33cm.

(It doesn't contain any fruit or veg when we send it to you)

Care instructions

BeeBee wraps should be hand washed in cold water (hot water softens the wax and damages the surface) with an eco friendly soap and then cool air dried. If cleaned in cold water the wrap so it washes more like a chopping board or plate, rather than fabric, so it can be wiped or lightly scrubbed with a dishcloth.

With proper care these can last a year or more and when they are finally exhausted and ready to be retired, they can be composted. 


Preserving food is massively important, it saves money and it is good for the environment by reducing waste. So many food preservation aids are plastic-based and one of the most common is cling-film. BeeBee wraps replace cling film and other food containers with something that preserves food without tainting it, making it sweat or creating additional waste.