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A pack of 6 short reusable bamboo straws with cleaning brush


There are many reasons that we may want or need to use a straw so make sure you do so with a clean conscience.

A pack of 6 short bamboo straws with a cleaning brush.  At approx 14 cm, these are great for shorter drinks and cocktails.

Dishwasher safe but we recommend washing by hand to prolong life.  


Straws were one of the big catalysts for the plastic free movement and while plastic straw waste is only the tip of the iceberg, refusing a straw or reusing one made of sustainable or long life materials is an easy step that anyone can make to start going in the right direction.

You'll know we are huge fans of bamboo, which is fast growing and is harvested time and time again from the the same plant, which is cut down and allowed to regrow.  With natural antibacterial properties it makes it perfect for food and drink use too.