Our Ethos

Why are we here? 

We are here to help you eliminate single-use plastic one easy swap at a time, because we feel a lot of people removing one item from their lives will have a bigger impact than a few people eliminating every single bit.

Product qualities

We've tried a LOT of products on the market aimed at helping reduce plastic use, but in order for them to get our seal of approval, we are insistent that they must be:

1. Effective

2. Affordable

3. Sustainable


In simple straightforward terms:

1. Effective: It has to actually work.  Either as good as your current plasticky product or pretty damn close.  Ideally it would work better and for some products we believe that they do.  But we also tried out a lot of products which just weren't good enough and we weren't happy to put our name to.  So we haven't. We will be posting blogs about various products we have tried and tested to help you understand our choices.

2. Affordable: This is trickier, as everyone has their own budget and affordable to one person isn't affordable to all.  So I guess we are looking for value.  And a price that doesn't make you wince (too much). Plastic is inexpensive, mass produced and readily available which is why plastic alternatives are often a little (or a lot) more expensive by comparison.  But until better alternatives become the norm and prices come down as a result, we will do our best to find you great value products.

3. Sustainable: We want to avoid shifting the plastic problem somewhere else and you can see that in action with our soaps, none of which contain rain forest wrecking palm oil. At Non Plastic Beach we are focused on reducing plastic pollution, but we also look for additional sustainability benefits in the products we add to our range.