About Us

About Us:

This is the part where we tell you about our dream, our vision and our philosophy in fluffy language, evoking a coconut palm fringed, plastic-free beach… The problem for us is that these type of things can sound very insincere and a bit vomit-inducing, so let’s try and explain it like normal people.

We are Gareth and Nicola Dean, an Anglo-Scottish couple who currently reside in South Stoke, Oxfordshire, which is really rather a long way from an actual beach. So why call ourselves Non Plastic Beach? Well we are both originally from coastal towns, Gareth from Sandwich in Kent and Nicola started life in the fishing town of Peterhead in the far North-East of Scotland.

Bit tenuous still, but keep with us…

We met in London and have travelled extensively, predominantly to beach destinations around the world. We were both experienced divers when we met and on honeymoon we got our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, allowing us access to some unforgettable dives on some amazing reefs. Since then we have dived in many more fantastic places, including incredibly well preserved dive sites in Costa Rica to those less well preserved in Mauritius. But all of them had one thing in common – plastic pollution.

OK now it is making more sense.

On returning from a second trip to Mauritius to stay with friends, where we had seen efforts to reduce ocean plastic pollution (but sadly still plenty of it) we wanted to up our game on reducing our own impact. So we started searching for a wide range of replacement and alternative items that reduced or eliminated plastic. In doing so we kept finding good products that were let down by being packaged in plastic, made unlikely claims about their biodegradability or were just crap.

Here comes the punchline!

So we decided we would start our own business and sell products that we actually liked, actually work, were honestly described and don’t cost a fortune. That’s about as close to a company philosophy or brand promise as we get without descending into mystic nonsense or management speak bingo. All of the products on here have been tried by us our friends or even our children Isla and Jamie (they very discerning) and these are the ones we liked enough to sell.

Any questions you have then feel free to get in touch and ask.

Gareth and Nicola

 Gareth Nicola and Isla Founders of Non Plastic Beach