Safety Razor Starter Pack

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Safety Razor Starter Pack

Pack Contents

  • Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor
  • 5 Astra Blades 
  • Friendly Shaving Soap


This great little starter pack is the perfect bundle for a plastic free shave for men and women alike. Safety Razor converts also agree that you'll get a smoother, closer shave than with even the priciest razors on the market, and save money at the same time. What's not to love!

Our Non Plastic Beach Bamboo Safety Razor comes with 5 Astra Razors and a bar of our long standing favourite Friendly Shaving Soap to give you a fantastic lather and super soft skin.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Recyclable packaging


 How to install safety razor blades tutorial HERE

Our bamboo safety razor hits every point of our affordable, effective and sustainable mantra perfectly

Affordable: The handle is designed to last for decades and the blades are a tiny fraction of the cost of big brand multi-blade razors, making the lifetime costs much lower than the alternatives.

Effective: We have found that these single blade razors are actually more effective and give a closer finish than the multi-blade razors we are sold by TV adverts.

Sustainable: Replacement blades come in very little packaging, with no plastic holder, packet and film to try to recycle and a long-lasting and recyclable metal and bamboo handle.

Directions for use: Use plenty of shaving soap and shave after first showering to soften the hair. Take your time, use slow strokes and adjust pressure to suit an open and unsprung blade.