Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

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Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup - 340ml

A BPA-free silicone compact, collapsible coffee cup that folds down quickly and easily, meaning you can always have it with you in your hand bag, work bag or sportsbag – size 340 ml (12 oz).

The What?

Finally, the cup for “forget-ty" people.  We chose a cup that folds down beautifully compact to help you carry it to more events and on more days. It’s small enough that you can just keep it in your handbag/workbag/sportsbag so you have fewer of those “damn, I’ve forgotten my cup” moments.

Constructed from food-grade, BPA-free silicone this Stojo cup will hold 340 ml (12oz) of tea, coffee, hot chocolate water juice etc. About the size of a standard cappuccino.

The cup measures approx. 5cm tall when folded down and expands to approx. 13cm tall in a matter of seconds. The top seals nicely to prevent bag leaks when you have finished with it and the Stojo logoed ring fits snugly over the silicone body to allow you to hold a steaming hot drink easily.

The Why?

Gareth loves a good coffee and Nicola loves a decent cup of tea. We often need a caffeine fix out and about but between busy lives and baby wrangling we found the we just kept forgetting our reusable cups.  However, since we added these collapsible cups to our home collection these moments are now (almost) unheard of.

The result of the UK’s love of coffee and tea on the go is 2.5 billion coffee cups, of which a minority are recycled but many more are buried in landfill for centuries to come. I can hear you say: “But my local shop recycles, so what is the problem?” Well yes they can be, but only three recycling plants in the UK can currently do this, with the vast majority (99%) ending up in landfill or littering our oceans, beaches or stunning countryside and fields. The cardboard outer looks biodegradable, and is, but inside that cardboard is a plastic layer to keep the liquid in. This is what makes them hard to recycle, as it needs to be separated some how. 

Adding to the problem is the polystyrene lids which are lightweight, flyaway and frequently end up somewhere they shouldn’t be. Polystyrene is also not very easy or economic to recycle, so it mostly isn’t. Even if it is, there is a limit to how many times it can be recycled.

This cup will also save you money, with many shops now offering a discount to those who bring their own cups and a so-called “latte levy” coming to push people towards a more sustainable coffee on the go. So not only are you saving a cup being made, transported to the shop then driven to be recycled or dumped, you are saving money. Winning!