A Ladies Christmas Jumper That Won't Cost The Earth

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Christmas Jumpers are a lot of fun, but sadly, most are made from manmade fibres, which means lots of plastic. We thought we would make a good quality one, that would last for years and literally wouldn't cost the earth with its minimalist manufacturing footprint.

·        Certified Organic Cotton

·        Printed just for you = zero waste clothing by a carbon neutral company in the UK

·        Manufactured using renewable energy

This jumper is made using certified organic cotton, grown in a region in Northern India with high rainfall, meaning that the pesticide usage and water issues typically associated with cotton are eliminated. Your t-shirt is printed seconds after you order it, meaning we hold no stock and never have to throw away unsold sizes, a major waste factor in the fashion industry. To round off the sustainability credentials, these jumpers are printed in the UK by a carbon neutral company, in a factory powered by renewable energy.