Duffy's Lucky Escape - Children's Book

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A beautifully illustrated children's book following the tale of Duffy the Sea Turtle as she has a lucky escape from the effects of plastic pollution.

Signed by the author, Ellie Jackson


Make story time an educational adventure about the sea, it's inhabitants, and the global problem of plastic pollution in the planet's oceans. This beautifully illustrated and gentle book follows Duffy the Sea Turtle as she has a lucky escape from the harmful effects of marine plastics in the Great Barrier Reef. It is the first in the Wild Tribe Heroes series and is based on a true story.  

  • Learn how turtles confuse plastics for food
  • Help children to understand the link between plastic and wildlife
  • Ideas for the future and how children can help
  • Perfect for a bedtime story and to share with your school
  • Great for parents, grandparents, preschool and primary school


This book teaches children about more than the dangers. It also helps them understand the importance of looking after our environment, and how they can help all in a fun and friendly way, with ideas and activities which reinforce the story's message that this is a planet for all and that sea creatures have feelings too.