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Press Release -

May saw the best consumer sales ever for Oxfordshire-based online retailer and wholesaler, Non Plastic Beach (, with a doubling of normal volumes for direct consumer sales. The upturn in online sales has meant that despite trade sales to other retailers being down by 88% in the same period, the company has been able to unfurlough staff.

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It is noticeable how many plastic packaged product now have widely recycled, 100% recyclable and various other guidance on recycling on their packaging. In one way this is good, but does it mean the impact of these packages is totally mitigated?

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly the answer is fairly emphatically NO. Why? Well let me explain a little bit of how such words can be a bit misleading.

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Ocean Saver Drops are a refill system for household cleaning products, which works by dissolving a concentrated pod of liquid in water to replenish and existing container. The drops arrive in plastic free packaging around the pod, so there is no plastic to be recycled or heading to landfill.

As luck would have it, Non Plastic Beach is now a distributor for Ocean Saver, which means these clever, plastic saving cleaning products can be delivered to your home or shop in plastic free packaging.

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product news -

We have just put our new two bar Kon-Teaky and Recycled Iroko soap dishes live on the site, ready for you to purchase. These are both made from wood that has been taken out of buildings that are being demolished, with the Iroko coming from my father’s old Biology lab and the Teak from Oxford Wood Recycling.

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store news -

We Are Open - Corvid-19 (Corona Virus) Update

We wanted to inform you of our current position. We are a small, family run business, trading exclusively via delivery to stores or individuals. We are based in an isolated farm unit in Oxfordshire, that is not open to the public. While the government is still encouraging online sales and doorstep delivery, we aim to continue to operate in a manner that is safe for our family and our customers.

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