Where does Turtley Awesome Pack money go?

Where does Turtley Awesome Pack money go?

Our relationship with Nature Trust (Malta) started after a visit to the beautiful Mediterranean island in 2019, where we met with Vincent Attard, the President of the Trust. We decided to launch a product that would raise money for NTM and the work they do in marine conversation. 

Our Turtley Awesome packs and soap have been very successful products for us and that means we have been raising money for Nature Trust Malta and its work on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these ancient marine creatures.

Recently the trust have been monitoring and protecting the first recorded turtle nest on the island of Gozo (next to Malta) for 70 years. This endangered Loggerhead Turtle nest is vital for the species, so the NTM has recruited volunteers to guard the best against predators, accidental disturbance or even poachers. 

To support these efforts, NTM wanted to monitor the temperature of the nest and the sand surrounding it. By doing this the Trust could take action to shade the nest if temperatures exceeded the known limits, which may threaten the viability of the eggs.

The team in Malta launched an appeal to fund the €800 system, which happened to coincide with us reconciling recent sales of our turtle packs. During May we had particularly strong sales of these items and we were able to donate €550 towards the cost of the thermometer system, which meant it could be purchased and used to monitor the nest.  

Happily the Gozo nest has now hatched and we are now waiting for TWO loggerhead turtle nests on Malta to hatch, both of which are being guarded and monitored by NTM. The Gozo nest produced over 70 hatchlings, which helps the Loggerhead turtle species a little more.

With the Trust doing such great work in rescue, rehabilitation and release, plus the guarding of the nests, we are more than happy to continue working with them. 

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