Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride

Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride

Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride

Obviously with tooth brushing being something that we do twice a day or more, we wanted a convenient solution that was at least as good as regular toothpaste and that meant finding a plastic free toothpaste with fluoride. We looked at glass jars and tins for paste, but the products inside them usually didn’t contain fluoride and the supplier could not add it in.

Is Fluoride Toxic?

The Fluoride Question In recent years, some people have decided that they don’t want fluoride in their toothpaste, having read scare stories about it being toxic! Like many things that are good for you (water, vitamin A to name just two), if you have them in incredibly high doses then you’re going to get yourself in trouble. (try drinking 10 litres of water on a normal day and you’ll soon see for yourself!) But unless you’re going to start devouring entire squeezy tubes of toothpaste as a daily snack, using toothpaste the way it was meant to be will only serve to give you glistening pearly whites.

Fluoride for Good Oral Health

Fluoride is undoubtedly fantastic for your teeth and found in toothpaste, mouthwash and added to some drinking water. Even if you use all three, you will not get a harmful dose, but you might ensure you earn your sticker next time you visit the dentist.

Dentists Recommend Fluoride Toothpaste

How are we sure fluoride is good for our teeth? Well we gathered together some links from various experts on dental health and this can be found below. That means you don’t have to put all your faith in the people who are selling fluoride toothpaste… From a personal point of view, we use fluoride products and always have. We have also consulted with friends who are variously in the medical profession and university lecturers in biochemistry and they universally use fluoride products for themselves and their children. That is good enough for us.

Our plastic-free fluoride toothpaste tablets can be bought HERE

Links to Dental Health Experts on Fluoride

Here is information on the oral health benefits of fluoride from a neutral source, the  NHS (National Health Service). The link also links to a number of peer-reviewed scientific papers from reputable sources.

Below we have researched the advice of a number of global and national dental health associations, who universally recommend the use of toothpaste containing fluoride.

The British Dental Association guide to teeth brushing recommends using a fluoride toothpaste as the very first point: HERE

The World Health Organisation commissioned scientific paper on the safety and efficacy of fluoride toothpaste: HERE

The American Dental Association recommendations on toothpaste containing fluoride: HERE 

The Australian Dental Association recommendations on fluoride toothpaste: HERE

Canadian Dental Association recommendations on use of fluoride toothpaste: HERE

Nordic Institute of Dental Materials feature on Norwegian Dental Association speech on the use of fluoride in toothpaste: HERE

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