How do I use tablet toothpaste?

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How do I use tablet toothpaste?

How do I use tablet toothpaste?

When we started Non Plastic Beach we wanted a plastic free toothpaste with fluoride as one of our main launch products. The solution we came upon was a toothpaste in dry tablet form, which was vegan, SLS-free, cruelty free and did not require squeezable waterproof packaging either. 

One question we often get is about how you use a toothpaste tablet and we are happy to answer that.

Instructions for Toothpaste Tablet Use:

  • Chew the tablet at the front of your mouth into a paste, 
  • Wet your toothbrush
  • Brush as normal, taking your time and using circular polishing motions, do not scrub and do not put pressure on the brush
  • Spit, but do not rinse, leave the film of paste on your teeth for the fluoride to soak in and help restore 

The fluoride toothpaste tablets are made in Berlin, Germany, which means they are made to EU standards and are overflowing with ethical manufacturing and quality certification, which is what we wanted for toothpaste, which is to protect your precious dental health!

Don't worry, your dentist will be pleased with the formulation of the toothy tabs, with nothing abrasive in the formulation and 1450 parts per million of fluoride (in line with NHS and British Dental Association recommendations). 

As a bonus, instead of buying expensive tubes of travel toothpaste, that cannot be recycled, the dry formulation means we don't transport water to you; reducing the weight of the product, which cuts  CO2, and makes them hand luggage friendly (when we can travel again).

Buy toothpaste HERE

Toothpaste in a Tin

We also sell a Toothpaste Travel Tin, which as well as being beautiful alliteration, fits up to 60 tablets perfectly, can be purchased HERE:

Toothpaste in a tin

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