Swimming Against Sewage

Swimming Against Sewage

Swimming Against Sewage

For the last couple of years I have been swimming most days in the River Thames for relaxation and fitness. This year I decided to take on the Thames Half Marathon swim and raise money for Surfers Against Sewage. 

Are UK Rivers Polluted?

I did this because as a daily open water swimmer, I have become aware through experience and research of the poor state of UK rivers. Even moderate rain now regularly brings with it spills of raw sewage from water companies who have not invested in upgrades to keep up with recent house building. 

The closest stormwater outfall to where my group swim, spilled raw sewage over 80 times in 2020, which calls into question how it can be termed an "emergency" measure.

 It it worth remembering that sewage is also full of plastic from wet wipes, sanitary products and cotton buds. 

Surfers Against Sewage

To our minds SAS are the most effective campaign and lobbying group to fight plastic pollution and sewage spills into the rivers and seas of the UK. Surfers Against Sewage organise beach cleans, campaign to highlight water company failings and lobby the government on sewage and plastic pollution. 

At Non Plastic Beach we are SAS 250 Club members and regularly donate to the charity to keep them working as they do. In addition I have decided to raise money for SAS by swimming the Thames Half Marathon on 15th August. I hope to raise over £1000 to further their efforts to make bathing water safer for everyone who uses it, and the animals and plants that live in it!

The fundraising link is here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gareth-dean-non-plastic-beach

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