How much do safety razor blades cost?

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How much do safety razor blades cost?

How much do safety razor blades cost?

One of the biggest advantages of a safety razor is the very cheap replacement blades, that come in minimal, plastic free packaging and are a fraction of the cost of brand name multi-blade razors. 

Clever marketing has convinced us that we need three, four or even five blades to successfully shave our legs, faces, armpits or unmentionables and it simply isn't true. The smoothness you can achieve with a safety razor is amazing and all done for as little as £0.14 per blade, instead of £3-4.00 per blade for a multi-blade replacement.

We stock Astra blades as they are a perfect, high quality fit for our Non Plastic Beach safety razors. Made from platinum coated, high-grade stainless steel and packaged in cardboard and waxed paper, making them on of the only brands that supplies blades free from plastic.

Pack of 5 blades: £1.00

5 x Packs of 5 Blades (25 blades): £4.00

10 x Packs of 5 Blades (50 blades): £7.00

Available from HERE

  • Plastic Free
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free

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