PRESS RELEASE: Wash Your Dishes Plastic Free With “Lost Your Bottle”

PRESS RELEASE: Wash Your Dishes Plastic Free With “Lost Your Bottle”

Wash Your Dishes Plastic Free With “Lost Your Bottle”

Woodcote, 6th August 2020: Non Plastic Beach co-founders Gareth and Nicola Dean saw a photo of an early 1970s washing up bottle on a beach in 2020 and decided they had to do something, the result is “Lost Your Bottle” plastic free dish soap. This bar of solid washing up soap is tough on grease and grime, but gentle on the environment with a non-toxic formulation, that is free from palm oil and plastic.

Lost Your Bottle is:

  • Free from plastic
  • Non-toxic marine environment friendly formulation
  • Palm Oil, SLS and Parabens free
  • Suitable for vegans and free from cruelty

Lost Your Bottle tears up the traditional washing up liquid notion, by putting a solid bar in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box, rather than a liquid in a tough to recycle plastic bottle. The 100g bar is lemon scented and a concentrated, but gentle formula that makes the bar last for months when it is used and stored correctly.

Non Plastic Beach Co-Founder, Gareth Dean is delighted to introduce the bar, commenting: “when we saw some of the washing up bottles that our friends at Lego Lost at Sea on Twitter had found were priced in pounds, shillings and pence, we though this is something we need to help stop. Whatever claims are made around recycling of plastic bottles, the fact is that vanishingly few are actually make it into the system and they can’t be recycled multiple times.”

He continued: “With Lost Your Bottle we are bringing all the performance of a liquid, but in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box. The formulation is really gentle on nature, but gives great performance. Switching to a bar may be a shift in mindset, as will the lack of bubbles (which are there for marketing purposes rather than performance), but those that try it are delighted with how well it works and how long it lasts.”

Lost Your Bottle is available from our website HERE priced at £7.95 for a 100g bar and will be available wholesale to interested retailers.


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