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Woodcote, 1st June 2020: May saw the best consumer sales ever for Oxfordshire-based online retailer and wholesaler, Non Plastic Beach (, with a doubling of normal volumes for direct consumer sales. The upturn in online sales has meant that despite trade sales to other retailers being down by 88% in the same period, the company has been able to unfurlough staff.

Things looked bleak for Non Plastic Beach in March, with the Woodcote-based company seeing a sharp COVID-19 downturn after a record February. After targeting increased business to business sales heavily in the first three months of 2020, husband and wife duo Nicola and Gareth Dean had to pivot onto increasing consumer sales after the pandemic meant retail outlets everywhere were closed. They did this, despite their nursery being closed, meaning all childcare for their daughter and son, who are both under three, had to be taken on, in addition to the extra work.

Non Plastic Beach had been concentrating on trade sales for 2020 and we started off well with American multi-national Urban Oufitters selecting three of their products for its top 10 UK stores in January. The company then went to Spring Fair, which is one of the largest retailers showcases in Europe, with the help of an OxLEP grant in February and picked up significant new orders and a tranche of potential future customers. This resulted in February being best month ever for trade sales and Nicola and Gareth were just about to sign paperwork with a major tourist attractions group to supply them when lockdown came.

Nicola explains: “We went from best month ever on trade sales to almost nothing and that was scary. But, we dusted ourselves down and improved what we were offering our online customers. New packs, new products and a big increase in online marketing spend to get more customers in and it worked. The consumer sales were good in April and best ever in May, which has meant we could unfurlough our operations manager Louise, despite trade sales being still significantly down.” 

Gareth explains how welcome the news is after a tough lockdown so far, adding: “Furloughing Louise was a tough thing to do as she is so vital to the business, and it also meant I was front and centre for packing and dispatching boxes. We had to do that while juggling caring for our two children, Isla who is almost three and Jamie who is only 7 months old. With no nursery or grandparent support to call on, it was a more than a bit tricky, but we have managed OK and they are blissfully unaware of what is happening.”

Non Plastic Beach was established in October 2018 and has gone from the kitchen table to exciting opportunities with big brands, like supplying toothpaste tablets for the world’s first plastic-free flight with Etihad or products for French outdoor giant Salomon’s global WMN campaign. For more information visit


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