Ocean Saver Plastic Free Cleaning Products

Ocean Saver Plastic Free Cleaning Products

Ocean Saver Plastic Free Cleaning Products

Ocean Saver Drops are a refill system for household cleaning products, which works by dissolving a concentrated pod of liquid in water to replenish and existing container. The drops arrive in plastic free packaging around the pod, so there is no plastic to be recycled or heading to landfill.

As luck would have it, Non Plastic Beach is now a distributor for Ocean Saver, which means these clever, plastic saving cleaning products can be delivered to your home or shop in plastic free packaging.

Interest in cleaning products has obviously been heightened by COVID-19 and with more cleaning happening, customers are seeking to keep stocked up with effective cleaning products that are affordable and sustainable.

As stocks of existing pods run out, Non Plastic Beach will be bringing through the new plant-based formulations, the new formulation has been introduced on www.nonplasticbeach.com with the general purpose floor cleaner, wood floor cleaner and anti-bacterial cleaner refills already available.

The change of formulation makes Ocean Saver even more sustainable, with zero plastic in the packaging of the pod and plant-based ingredients. The new approach from Ocean Saver means the multi-packs are no longer available as many people found they consumed the products at different rates as they performed the different cleaning tasks.

Each pod can make up to 750ml of cleaning product and comes with a front and rear sticker for cleaning bottles to make sure that everything is properly labeled for convenience and safety. If you want to know more then have a look at this video of Gareth talking about these clever little drops HERE

To buy Ocean Saver Drops, visit the Kitchen section of Non Plastic Beach HERE

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