Non Plastic Beach Supports Extreme Endurance Swimmer Sarah

Non Plastic Beach Supports Extreme Endurance Swimmer Sarah

Non Plastic Beach Supports Extreme Endurance Swimmer Sarah

At Non Plastic Beach we love people who push the boundaries of human endeavour and endurance, especially if they do so sustainably. So we are delighted to support extreme endurance swimmer Sarah Philpott, who has already swum the English Channel and Bristol Channel in the last two years alone. 

The Bristol Channel is a shorter swim than the channel, but with the second highest tidal range in the world, it is an extremely hard 16 mile swim, with a huge failure rate. 

Sarah is delighted to be working with Non Plastic Beach, commenting: "I have been using Non Plastic Beach products for a year or so now and it is great to actually work with the team there, as I love what they do. Being an open water swimmer, I sadly see plastic pollution a lot and pick up a lot of plastic from the beach, so I love working with sustainable brands who are doing something to turn off the plastic tap." 

Commenting on the partnership, Co-founder Gareth Dean said: "we are stoked to be working with such an incredible athlete, as a distance swimmer myself, it gives you perspective on just how difficult it is to swim these incredible distances and for 12 hours or more at a time! We love working with people who do expeditions, adventures or records and Sarah fits right into that category."

Sarah's next big swim is coming up soon, but has yet to be revealed but we are excited that she will complete the swim in a Non Plastic Beach branded (reusable) swim hat and will be using our products in the buildup to and on her travels to start her next event. 

You can follow Sarah's adventures on Instagram HERE

Sarah Philpott Endurance Swimmer in Non Plastic Beach T-Shirt

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