How can I keep my tea hot?

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How can I keep my tea hot?



How can I keep my tea hot?

We know that walking is massively popular to break up the boring lockdown days and when the weather is cold and snowy like today a warm drink can make it a more enjoyable activity!

The title might say tea, but we aren't fussy, our own insulated bottles have had coffee, hot chocolate, hot Ribena, vin chaud, mulled wine and even hot whisky toddie in them to keep warm! 

When we were looking a love our existing bottles, but wanted something a little bigger, a little easier to get ice into and with a handle for convenient carrying. We also wanted to have even less plastic, so now only the tiny BPA free silicone ring is not stainless steel or bamboo. 

We have tested these in our (formerly) hectic life, filled with play dates, walks, bike rides, music festivals, Peppa Pig World, long drives to Scotland, short drives to nursery and many other mundane or magnificent activities. Co-founder Gareth even takes one with him for his daily wild swim in the river Thames to warm up with some tea after a dip in 2.5 degree water, now that is dedication to product testing!

So whatever your choice of warm drink for your daily walk, hike, cycle or swim, we have you covered HERE



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