How can I cut food waste?

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How can I cut food waste?

How can I cut food waste?

The UK wastes a scary 4.5 million tons of food per year and at Non Plastic Beach we want to help cut that down, by making saving partially used and leftover food. 

Now before we even get to preserving partially used fruit and vegetables or leftovers, there are steps that can be taken to make sure food is not wasted before it is even used. Best before dates are something that lead to many people binning food that is still safe and good to eat, with the estimated advisory date being taken as a definite deadline.

Some supermarkets have removed these dates from fruit and veg and advise customers to go on feel, look and smell to avoid scrapping food that is still safe and tasty! Now obviously we are not advocating ignoring use by dates, as they are are more definite and apply to foodstuffs that have greater potential to make you ill!

That said, it isn't like a product becomes instantaneously poisonous at midnight on the day of expiry, but obviously caution should be used and do so at your own risk!

Preserving Partially Used Ingredients & Leftovers

Made too much food deliberately or eyes were bigger than stomach? It is a common thing, but an opportunity to cut waste and save money by saving it for the following day. The same applies to ingredients used in cooking, only need half a melon, then why not seal the rest up for later use?

Both these tasks traditionally use cling film to stop the food drying out, going off or getting tainted/doing the tainting. Now while cling film works well, it is massively wasteful as an impossible to recycle single-use plastic. 

To help solve this we launched Boll**ks to Cling Film to help our customers cut out wasteful cling film, while also cutting down on food waste by better protecting partially utilised fruit and veg or covering over leftover food from the previous meal. 

So we packaged six microwaveable and washable food grade (BPA free) clear silicone covers for bowls, plates and cups that help you say “Boll**ks” to cling film and replace it with this reusable version. You can even use them cover over the end of a half used piece of fruit or vegetable to preserve it for use in your next meal. 

Let’s be honest about this (we always are), silicone is a form of plastic, it does not biodegrade in any sensible timescale, so we are not going to make any claims that it will. What these will do is help prevent food waste and assist you in avoiding single-use, unrecyclable plastic. This product will help reduce demand for virgin plastic, which is why we are comfortable to put our name to it. Ultimately, Boll***s to Clingfilm helps you to waste less food, which is great for the environment and your pocket!

This new version fits with our prime values of offering good quality at a reasonable price point, so that more people can save more plastic. Interested? Well have look HERE


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