Can you get a plastic free razor?

Can you get a plastic free razor?

Can you get a plastic free razor?

Well happily the answer is yes! Last year we launched our bamboo safety razor and we followed up last month with our Maui Metal Safety Razor range, both of which have proved popular!

Why can't you recycle razors?

Well unfortunately most disposable razors or disposable razor blades are a combination of metal and plastic, often with several different types of plastic. These are termed "mixed materials" and are virtually impossible for recycling companies to separate in a practical or affordable way. 

Are disposable razors a big problem?

5.5 million people use disposable razors in the UK, which means tens of millions of razors and blades, plus the generally very hard to recycle plastic packaging to be buried, burnt or dumped. 

What is a safety razor?

Safety razors are nothing new, they were first seen in the 1800s, but refined and popularised by Gillette in 1904. Since then manufacturers have persuaded us that wholy disposable razors were a good idea (thanks Bic) or that we need two, three or four blades to successfully shave our faces, legs or unmentionables.

The truth is that most people who try a safety razor agree it shaves rather better than anything they have tried before! 

The safety razor comes in three parts, a handle, and and upper and lower head The handle unscrews and a disposable, double sided, all metal blade is then placed between the upper and lower parts of the razor. 

Maui Metal Rose Gold Safety Razor by Non Plastic Beach

Can you get plastic-free safety razor blades?

Some safety razor blades come in plastic packaging, so it is important to be selective. One reason we stock Astra Platinum blades is that they are packaged in cardboard and greasproof paper, rather than layers of plastic. Available HERE

Astra Platinum Safety Razor Blades

Do safety razors cost more?

The initial purchase price of a safety razor is higher than some forms of razor, but the running costs in blades are much cheaper. Our razors are made from good quality materials so they glide nicely over your face, legs or whatever else you need to shave... We price our safety razor blades at a very affordable price so you can be assured of getting plastic free blades at a low cost

Save money and reduce plastic!

Our Maui Metal and Bamboo Safety Razors are beautiful additions to your bathroom, but also will help you save money, as well as reducing your disposable plastic consumption. A win for your pocket and the environment!

Some of our razors:

Maui Metal Rose Gold Safety Razor

Maui Metal Black Safety Razor

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