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Staying on a beautiful beach surrounded by crystal clear waters, always serving as a constant reminder of what we are trying to help preserve and restore. 

We were also inevitably still surrounded by single use plastic but surprisingly less than we would normally face back home in the UK.

Huge supermarket chain fresh fruit and veg counters stocked mountains of unpackaged fruit and actively encouraged NOT using a bag, or to use one compostable cornstarch bag for multiple items if you preferred.  Helpful.  Thank you.

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Why bamboo?

We needed something that was better than plastic, which bamboo is because it composts or biodegrades, but we didn't want to create a new problem in the process.    

One of the best things about bamboo is how quickly it grows, an almost unbelievable 1 metre or 3.5 feet in a day! 

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Let’s talk about stiffness…

Toothbrush bristles are obviously quite important to making a toothbrush work and there are lots of different types. Our toothbrush bristles are classified as medium, but are arguably more like a medium soft.

We have included the NHS guidance on brushing teeth and they recommend a medium or soft brush for most people, so who are we to argue?

Even toothbrush giants themselves, Colgate, recommend a soft bristle brush, describing soft bristles and a shape that is comfortable to hold as they two key features for choosing a brush. 

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